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CYPSY 22 conference presentation

2017.04.28 14:35

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  • Process Outcome Analysis of Human Field of Regard (FoR) Training for Patients with Hemispatial-Neglect 논문이 CYPSY 22 학회에 Accept 되었습니다. (Oral Presentation)
  • A novel assessment of spatial learning and memory: Head mounted display-radial arm maze (HMD-RAM) 논문이 CYPSY 22 학회에 Accept 되었습니다. (Oral Presentation)


Can Matched Body-Size and Synced Virtual Body enhance Body Ownership? 논문이 CYPSY 22 학회에 Accept 되었습니다.


Effects of Aging in Joint Attention Virtual Classroom 논문이 CYPSY 22 학회에 Accept 되었습니다.