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KSC 2021 conference presentation update

2022.01.21 17:03

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심상용 학생이 'Impact of Virtual Avatar’s Appearance and Motion Synchrony on Sense of Embodiment: A Pilot Study with 3D Scanning Avatar Technology' 논문을 KSC 2021 학회에서 구두 발표하였습니다 (최우수 논문 선정).


김지환 학생이 'Development of Non-Fungible Token-based Virtual Avatar for User Identification in Virtual World' 논문을 KSC 2021 학회에서 구두 발표하였습니다 (우수 논문 선정).


황성진 학생이 'Transportation Mode Detection for People with Mobility Disabilities: A Pilot Study on a User-independent Model' 논문을 KSC 2021 학회에서 구두 발표하였습니다.