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Publication Update

2018.02.21 17:06

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The following paper has accepted for publication.



Published paper

-   Kim M., Kwon, T., & Kim, K.* (2018). Can Human-Robot Interaction Promote the Same Depth of Social Information Processing as Human-Human Interaction? International Journal of Social Robotics, 10(1), 33- 42.

-  Hwang, J., Kim, K., Suh, I. H., & Kwon, T. (2017). Performance-Based Animation Using Constraints for Virtual Object Manipulation, IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 37(4), 95-102. 


Accepted paper

- Jun, J., Jung, M., Kim, S.-Y., & Kim, K.* (2018). Full-Body Ownership Illusion Can Change Our Emotion, ACM CHI 2018, DOI: 10.1145/3173574.3174175